Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wireless mobile hard disk

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Have been wandering how to owe a storage device with wireless sharing for your home, business or company? 
This is an external hard drive with an in-built router, built-in rechargeable battery. You share the content of the storage device with up to 5 devices through WiFi. 
All for a cool price including shipping and handling to your country. 

HOT selling Eaget Air Disk A8 320GB wireless mobile hard disk 2.5' SATA USB3.0 wifi HDD 150Mbps 3000mAh battery free shipping 
2013 new arrival Eaget Air Disk A8 320GB USB3.0 wireless mobile hard disk/wireless router! 


Brand: Eaget 

Model: Air Disk A8 

Shell material: Acrylic plastic 

Type: Wifi mobile HD 

Capacity: 320GB 

Size: 2.5' USB3.0 SATA 

Color: White 

RPM: 5400 

Cache: 8M 

Built-in battery: Detachable 3000mAh battery 

Dimension: 127*80*25mm 

Function: Wireless storage tool/Wireless displayer/Wireless sharing tool/Wireless router etc. 

Package contents: 1*E7S/1*USB3.0 cable/1*RJ45 network cable/1*User manual/1*Warranty card/1*Protective bag 


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