Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sports Car Mobile Phone "Mini Car"

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Mini Sports Car Mobile Phone that has Unlocked Quad Band Dual SIM with a nostalgic Clamshell Design is a real cool and funky throwback designed phone. 

Racing around the circuit and taking pole position is this mini sized phone known as the “Mini Car”. It looks like a toy sports car hence the name; however this cell phone opens due to a flip clamshell design and can be used as an actual phone. It has unlocked dual SIM ports therefore you can keep your work life and your private life separate while only using this small compact but cool looking phone. At a small size you should not expect much internal storage; however you can give it a much needed boost by inserting a micro SD card into the available micro SD slot, which can support up to an additional 8GB. 

This will suit young people or anyone that wants a back up phone with a cool design. As it is small it can fit in your pocket or in your bag easily. An awesome and cleverly designed phone that is meant to attract attention with its toy car good looks and clamshell design, the “Mini Car” is ready to roll out.

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